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Youth Tourism

One of the largest recreational sports centres in Slovenia, the Rogla Sports Centre and the Zreče Health Resort provide several outdoor educational programmes for elementary and high school students.

Appropriate facilities and a wide range of time-tested programmes will provide your students with unforgettable adventures during the winter and summer.

Our elementary and high school programmes combine a palette of sports activities spiced up with an appropriate adrenaline boost.

You are warmly welcomed to Zreče Pohorje, where you descend the white slopes to the thermal swimming pools ...


Winter Outdoor Education Programmes on Rogla

  • 4-day full board (meals at the self-service restaurant on Rogla), 
  • 5-day ski pass,
  • 1 hour of climbing adventures on the Rogla Climbing Wall or 1 hour use of the Rogla Swimming Pool (until 2 PM), 
  • 1 hour/day use of the common area,
  • 1 hour of use of 1/3 of the Sports Hall,
  • 1 visit to the hotel disco (on Wednesday),
  • 1 travel lecture (on Thursday),
  • 1 movie screening (on Tuesday),
  • 1 Zlodejevo ride.


Price list

Swimming Outdoor Education Programmes on Rogla

  • 4- or 5-day full-board,
  • 5 or 6 uses of the Rogla Swimming Pool (schedule to be determined given the size of the group)
  • educational workshop with a hunter (1 hour)
  • treasure hunt on the Dwarf's Educational Path towards Jurgovo,
  • 1 hour/day of use of the socialising area,
  • 1 disco matinée,
  • 1 learning sport climbing basics lesson on the Climbing Wall, 
  • creative workshops with a hotel entertainer,
  • 1 movie screening.


Price list

Winter Outdoor Educational Programmes at the Pesek Hut

  • 4-day full-board,
  • 5-day ski pass,
  • 1 use of the hotel pool (in the morning),
  • 1 Zlodejevo Adrenaline Sledding Area ride.

Price list