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In the Sports Hall

Indoor sports

In the large Rogla Sports Hall, top and recreational athletes can play basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis and badminton.There is also a smaller gym for martial arts, squash and table tennis and a fitness centre with state-of-the-art equipment.

Fitness centre

Posing a singular challenge, fitness activities change the way we perceive the role of body and spirit and their effective interconnection facilitated by modern fitness equipment and working methods. Rogla and Terme Zreče facilitate high-quality regular training that may boost resistance to stress, function of the cardiovascular system and respiratory tract, joint flexibility, physical immunity and strength.Such training also facilitates weight management, reduces body fat percentage, reshapes the body and alleviates anti-ageing symptoms.

Climbing wall

Rogla presents original programmes for recreational athletes, beginners, schools, companies and families. The lower climbing wall of 2.90 metres in height is appropriate for children or can be used for warming up before facing greater challenges on the higher climbing wall of 9 metres in height. Climbing stimulates family spirit and motivation so that you can test yourself in a wild adventure.

Climbing adventures give you the feeling of success, stimulate self-confidence and ensure joy, laughter and above all healthy entertainment.

See you on the wall!


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Team sports

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