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Zlodej’s Land is a set of serious of various adventures on the Pohorje plains and in forests. The restored Dwarf’s Learning Trail contains wooden sculptures of Pohorje forest animals and has made sure that you are even more motivated to collect the cute stamps depicting various figures at intermediate stops. At the Uniorček Ski Bar, you can visit a Pohorje village boasting 9 theme houses with didactic playgrounds and a small church in the middle, MAXI Memory with milk cans, a large cow with bells and an open grilling/baking area for apples and hot dogs. Descend a little to reach Zlodej's House, where you can celebrate your birthday or visit one of our Sunday workshops for children. On your way back to the Planja Pizzeria, make a pit stop at one of our brand new wooden playground equipment. The most skilful ones can enjoy trying out the slackline. And what is new at the Natura Hotel? A brand new sandpit and wooden balance bicycles!

Pohorje village

Everyone familiar with the cute Zlodej (the Devil)’s Land, also knows that something NEW and biiiiiiiig has grown in there that smells of Pohorje wood. At the Uniorček Ski Bar, you can visit an actual Pohorje village that consists of 9 huts and a small church in the middle, where you get to learn about the story of the lives and work of the local population. The Pohorje story is expanded on in every single Pohorje hut. Pre-schoolers, who have not learnt how to ski yet or who simply wish to rest a bit during their ski adventures, get to learn what real locals do in every single hut. Each of the huts contains a cute game that will not only entertain them but also make sure that their young brains are actively engaged. 

The Forester’s Hut: The brave Pohorje forester sifts through Pohorje spruce trees all day long. Help him get out of the maze of the magnificent Pohorje forest! 

Grandma's Black Kitchen: Since Grandma is so old and frail, your two hands will come in handy while she cooks! 

The Fiddler’s Home: Fiddlers are warm-spirited and always ready for a laugh! Play together, the musical instruments can’t wait to be used! 

The Shepherd’s Post: The young shepherd has to get up very early every morning so he tends to fall asleep at the pasture from time to time. His animals are running wild. Help him restore order in the animal maze! 

The Herbalist’s Hut: A good herbalist needs to have a sharp memory so that he doesn’t accidentally mix healing herbs with toxic ones! Can you beat him in a duel? 

The Miller’s Mill: Mr. Miller is the person that produces a special song from the stream. He has built a magnificent mill that provides people all over Pohorje with bread. Have a closer look at the mechanism driving this amazing device! 

The Farmer’s Stable: Pohorje farms vary considerably - some are HUGE and others TINY. Do you think this particular farmer is rich? 

The Forge: According to a saying, the forger’s mare is always barefoot. FALSE! Have a look at the “shoes” worn by local horses. 

The Dwarf’s House: The Pohorje wind is a very strong boy and, as such, sometimes turns everything upside down. But if anyone doesn't care about him, then it’s the mischievous dwarf!  He refuses to restore his house and prefers to enjoy the waves of the wind. 

The Church: Since the local church served as a meeting point for all locals, it stands in the middle.  In a church, Pohorje wish only the best for themselves and others. Use the opportunity to do the same while your here: look for the bell in the church, ring it “CIN!” and make a wish for something beautiful. 

Outdoor apple and hot dog grilling/baking at the Uniorček Ski Bar

Dear children and parents, experience unforgettable moments on Rogla and spend a day in nature. Every Saturday and Sunday, you can have an outdoor picnic close to the Uniorček Ski Bar. Transform into a real chef and bake delicious apples or grill mouth-watering hot dogs outdoors. 

Maxi Memory with milk cans

Play a game to improve your memory. Find the matching images on the milk can cover!

Large cow with bells

In the immediate vicinity of the Pohorje village, you get to see a large wooden cow with bells that you can play. The bells are really exciting for young explorers who get to recreate a melody that was listened to by local shepherds once upon a time. 

Birthday parties for children in Zlodej’s House

  • when you make an enquiry, we send you a quote that is coordinated with you
  • we also specify the date, duration, number of entertainers subject to the number of children, the desired cake and inscription and any additional catering required
  • we prepare the entire entertainment programme (games, creative workshops), all the required materials and food
  • Zlodej also makes a visit
Proposed games: 
  • apple or hot dog grilling/baking at the Uniorček Ski Bar
  • treasure hunt close to the Pohorje Village and Mini Rogla
  • games played by peasant children (blind man’s buff, tug of war, wheelbarrow race, etc.)
  • pantomime
  • dancing 
  • face painting


Slackline is a sports activity whose purpose is to improve your balance in a fun way. It is very easy to learn, not to mention really fun, useful and appropriate for the entire family. Don’t be shy! 

Have you already run into a small and mischievous Pohorje dwarf? Take a stroll along it to combine exercising in the open air, acquiring new knowledge and skills, creativity and fun. Visit the "Ant Bully" from the nursery rhyme of the same name and ask her how she manages to build such a large home for herself or what formic acid is for. Look vigilantly around you, as the Pohorje Dwarf has undoubtedly hidden a treasure somewhere. At the intermediary stops, you get to read information boards and can find cuuuuute stamps, not to mention that you will run across wooden Pohorje animal sculptures somewhere along the way! 

As soon as you collect all 6 stamps, you get a prize!
1. Buy a wooden board for EUR 3 at the Planja Hotel reception desk, the Zlodejevo Sledding Area, the Uniorček Ski Bar or at the Rogla Cycling and Hiking Centre.
2. Claim your prize:

  • a small Dwarf or Zlodej magnet (claim it at any point of sale of the wooden boards) OR
  • ice cream (at the Planja Pizzeria).

The Trail of the Senses

A trail of the senses has been set up between the Natura Hotel and the lake on Rogla. Below your bare feet, you will get to experience the texture of various natural elements, to smell herbs and spruces, undertake healing “Kneip Therapy” on the trail and finish the entire walk in a relaxation area next to the lake by lying on the embankment.

The Rogla Ranch

In the winter, a wonderful ranch was created by the wonderful Darja and Andreja and three Lipizzaner horses next to the Pesek Alpine Hut. All their programmes have been linked to the local Pohorje nature and are appropriate for both children and adults. At the ranch, you can pet the horses, experience them, play with them or allow them to take you deep into the fragrant spruce forest.

A forest adventure challenge

The forest adventure challenge takes you to explore Rogla and its surroundings in an innovative way. It is ideal for families with children aged 5 and up, as well as for teams of colleagues or friends who want to connect with each other even more. It is a combination of nature wandering, treasure hunt and nature escape room.

At one of the points of sale (website, hotel receptions in Rogla or in Terme Zreče), get a backpack that will serve as your personal guide and at the same time offer you challenges and tasks to complete along the way in order to find treasure. Tip: A forest adventure challenge can make a great gift!

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