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Restaurants and huts

Brusnica Restaurant

Selected culinary delights at the Brusnica Restaurant combine tradition, the rural environment with its numerous crops and products, seasonal crops from the wild garden with their healing properties and selected Slovenian wines.  


  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Natural materials
  • Sundeck where you can relax
  • View of the green Pohorje woods and the Petra Majdič Cross-Country Skiing Centre

Try out:

  • Local meat products and cheese on a wooden board, combined with home-made jams
  • Chicken soup with kohlrabi and meat pockets
  • Roe deer fillet á la game with sweet dumplings
  • Seasonal salad with toasted young cheese and Pohorje Bunka
  • Baked fragrant apples with walnuts, almonds, honey and a scoop of home-made ice cream

The restaurant can be used for events, meetings, personal festivities and weddings. The menu is customised to the client's wishes and includes cakes and pastry from our in-house confectionery. Both civil and religious wedding ceremonies can be organised upon request.

Opening hours: 11 AM–10 PM
Tasting Menu:   € 16.00


Natura Bar

A café with a pleasant atmosphere, where afternoons and evenings are diversified through reading stories for children, board games, culinary workshops and dancing evenings.The warm fireplace has its special charm and provides the café with an air of homeliness.

Try out:

  • The Natura herb tea with crunchy home-made biscuits
  • Excellent coffee and various warm and cold beverages
  • Home-made raw raspberry cake and other sweets
  • Freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies for your afternoon snack


Cross_Country Bar

The bar with a view of the running track located right next to the Wellness Resort.  Stop by at our bar for herb tea, cup of coffee, Pohorje bilberry brandy or a glass of cold sparkling wine and experience the invigorating effect of selected dishes.

Try out:

  • Hot soups and spoon dishes (rolled dumpling soup, veal stew with “dumplings”, Styrian sour soup)
  • Meat and meatless pan-fried dishes
  • Pasta with sauté porcini, young cheese and herbs
  • Loaf with roasted pork or turkey, grilled vegetables and herb and yogurt sauce
  • Plum pie with home-made jam
  • Fruit and cottage cheese soufflé with apple jam
  • Roasted cottage cheese rolled dumplings with pan-fried forest fruits


Stara koča

The Stara Koča (Old Hut) Restaurant constitutes the oldest part of the former alpine hut from which a hotel complex was developed. Traditionally furnished in old farmhouse room style, it emits an air of the past and homeliness, while the sounds of live music during the evenings provide relaxed entertainment. 

Taste the excellent home-made local food prepared according to our grandmas' recipes and our wide selection of premium Slovenian wines.


Aperitif Bar

Start your day in the bar located in the lobby of the Planja Hotel with an excellent cup of coffee and continue it with a chat while drinking a glass of your selected drink. In the evening, surrender to entertainment and cocktails that suit your taste.

Planja Pohorje Pub and Pizzeria

An ideal location for a good start to skiing and cross-country skiing or for relaxing and refreshment at the end of an active day.  During summer, it is an excellent starting point for hikes to the Lovrenc Lakes, strolls along the Pohorje Plains or merely to be pampered on its pleasant deck. 

Try out:

  • Traditional Pohorje dishes
  • High-energy breakfast
  • Excellent pizzas
  • Warm beverages


Mašin Žaga

The catering establishment can be found on the foot of the Planja and Mašin Žaga ski runs, at the lower station of the Planja chairlift. During winter, it is an excellent choice for refreshments while you ski, whereas during summer it attracts cyclists and hikers, an excellent starting point for hikes to the Lovrenc Lakes.  The location by the lake is also appropriate for organised picnics.

Try out:

  • Grilled dishes
  • Traditional dishes
  •  Desserts


Pesek Hut

The Hut is somewhat isolated from the ski hustle and bustle and can seat up to:

  • 40 people in the main dining room
  • 18 people in the smaller dining room
  • 120 people on the summer deck

Try out:

  • Pot barley porridge with porcini
  • Mushroom soup and buckwheat žganci with cracklings
  • Pohorje pot
  • Deer fillet with cottage cheese rolled dumplings
  • Blueberry pie
  • Pohorje omelette with cranberries
  • Pork sausage with sauté potatoes and sauerkraut
  • Blood sausage with millet porridge, porcini, sauerkraut and kohlrabi purée
  • Hot apples in a glass
  • Roasted cottage cheese dumplings

Guests can also avail of multiple rooms where they can spend the night, and outdoor play facilities for children provide entertainment and laughter.

Opening hours: during the winter season 7 AM to 9 PM daily.
Access: By car past the hotel towards Oplotnica and Lovrenc on Pohorje or on foot along the road from Hotel Planja (approximately 45-minute-walk).  When sufficient snow falls, you can also arrive on your skis.  At the end of the Mašin Žaga drag lift, turn left through the woods along the orderly ski track.  A track leads from the Pesek Hut to Mašin Žaga.  


Jurgovo Hut

On the upper part of the Jurgovo ski runs, you will find the Jurgovo Hut in whose contemporarily furnished apartments you can also spend the night.  The restaurant and its surroundings are appropriate for various events or festivities and can host up to:

  • 120 people (traditional table set-up, no common table, no dancing floor)
  • 80 people (common table, dancing floor)

Try out:

  • Roasted pork leg
  • Fried chicken legs and breasts
  • The chef's ”schnitzel”
  • XXL Wiener Schnitzel,
  • Snack on a board (Wiener Schnitzel, Carniolan spiced pork sausage, horseradish and mustard)
  • Winter vitamins (selected salads)
  • Kaiserschmarrn
  • Blueberry pie

Opening hours: during the winter season 7 AM to 4 PM daily. Special events can be organised outside opening hours. 
Access: by car past the hotel towards the Pesek Hut.  After 1.5 km, take a right turn. After about 200 metres, you will reach the Jurgovo Hut, which can also be accessed on skis. Follow the signs on top of the Mašin Žaga ski run and ski to Jurgovo. 



During winter, a place where all generations meet.Only a few-minutes-walk from the hotel, you find yourself amidst a ski party! An area where all generations meet – throughout the day, events for children and youth are underway, while during night skiing sessions, evening entertainment is provided.  Uniorček does not merely constitute Rogla in a nutshell but also comes to life when the operating hours of other ski slopes come to an end.

Try out:

  • Traditional Jumbo sandwiches
  • Fragrant waffles
  • Cold and warm beverages

Tip: Next to the ski run, you will be greeted by fauna created from wood and audio recordings telling Pohorje stories.


Fun bar

If you are on the lookout for something different, for something permeated with new snowboarder energy, then Fun Bar is the right choice.  Located on the Mašin Žaga ski slope, it grants an excellent view of everything going on at the Fun Park. 

Bife Jasa

Stop for a cup of tea or glass of mulled wine at the lower Jasna ski slope station or visit us when you run out of energy during night skiing.