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Culinary trails

You relax when consuming good food and spending time with people that share a piece of their lives in the countryside with you.

Love goes through the stomach, right?

You remember wonderful moments you have experienced also because of the comfort you felt in the company of good food and selected wines and amidst people that receive you warmly and share a small part of their everyday lives in the countryside with you. Wander around the culinary trails of Zreče Pohorje and Dravinja Valley. Select the Bread or Forest Trail, walk along the Pohorje Pasture Trail, choose the Herb and Honey Trail or visit the Wine and Food Trail. 

Experience an unforgettable adventure while becoming familiar with local natural and cultural sights and the diverse range of tradition-inspired culinary delights. On all your trails, you will get to experience the uniqueness of the local natural and cultural heritage and be introduced to special culinary features created by local housewives with heaps of patience and love and the selfless assistance provided by nature through time. 

In many cases, simple and home-made things are truly the best!