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Adrenaline adventures

Are you craving for thrilling adventures? We have three solutions at our disposal for your restless spirit: the Zlodejevo Winter and Summer Sledding Area, the Rogla Bike Park and Fun Park.

Racing along the 1,360 metre long winding track in your sleigh will undoubtedly get the blood rushing through your veins.  But fear not – it is completely safe and the speed can be regulated. Your heartbeat will accelerate even more on one of the six tracks intended for adrenaline cyclists, appropriate for individuals of various levels of knowledge and experience, even beginners. You can also exhibit your style and daring acrobations on your skis or snowboard on the snow polygon with barriers. 

The only  key question that remains then is: do you dare?

Zlodejevo Sledding Area

Bike Park

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Price list

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Bike Park Rogla

Bike Park Rogla

Visit the Bike Park on Rogla, and enjoy!