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Peat baths with a healing and environmentally pure Pohorje peat relax tired legs and the entire body after activities of various kinds. They are also an excellent choice for people suffering from rheumatic, digestive and urological disorders or for merely relaxation purposes.


Perfect combinations of some of the best services we render have a harmonious effect on the body and spirit and complement each other by having an even greater relaxation and treatment effect. Experience a special and customised peeling ritual in our selected saunas, continue with a massage or aromatic pine needle aromatic mud wrap and finish off with a mystery-filled vitality tea or dinner. Romantic moments are provided by our relaxation ritual for two. The Touch of Rogla Forests ritual is an excellent choice for people experiencing fatigue or on the lookout for a quick regeneration process. The Lovrenc Lake ritual with an adapted sauna, water lily body treatment and a healthy snack is an excellent idea for two girl friends to spend a pleasant evening in each other's company.


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