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Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is the best-known type of sauna with temperatures of up to 90 degrees Celsius and low air humidity (5–20 %). The Finnish sauna relaxes your muscles and boosts your immune system. Sweating eliminates noxious and toxic substances from the body absorbed through nutrition and low-quality air or created in the body as a result of hormone or stress-related processes.

Salt Finnish sauna

The salt sauna creates a unique micro-climate. The healing power of salt has a beneficial effect on people suffering from skin and respiratory tract ailments. It is recommended to improve sleep and calm you down or when you lack energy and seek to boost your immune system.

Panoramic Finnish sauna

The panoramic sauna on the hotel's terrace with its view of forests and against the backdrop of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps undoubtedly constitutes one of the greatest attractions of the Natura Wellness Centre.  During winter, part of the programme is carried out outdoors (snow rubbing) and the programme is completed in the massage pool located in the immediate vicinity of the sauna. Complete relaxation guaranteed.

40–50 °C, 100 % humidity Turkish sauna

This sauna is recommended to alleviate respiratory tract, skin, hair and allergy-related issues and to boost the immune system and circulation.

40–60 °C infrared sauna

In this sauna, your body is profoundly heated, thus tripling the detoxifying effect compared to the traditional sauna. The consumption of calories is also many times greater. The infrared sauna has a therapeutic effect on ailments such as rheuma, arthritis and skin disorders.

The flake ice area provides additional refreshment and boosts circulation in the body.


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